Monday, September 15, 2014

AdvoCare 11 Day Check In

I've been doing the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and here are my Day 11 check in results!!!!! 

Day 11 was Friday of last week and I am amazed and thrilled so far!

Total pounds lost so far...10!!!!

Chest: down 4 inches (bye bye back fat!)


Waist: down 2 inches (whoop)

Hips: down 2 inches

Thigh: down 1 inch

Arm: down 0.5 inch

Amazed so far! I'm over the moon happy and I feel amazing!

I am loving this new way of life and I definitely plan to continue on the healthy and measured eating for lots of time to come!!!!!! Feeling better everyday!!!!!!!

Update as of today:  I am down 12 pounds as of this am!!!!! WHOOP!!! This is exciting becauser I spent the weekend with my sister and her family at Hershey Park and did not cheat all weekend except for stealing TWO french fries at the park from my niece! TWO fries!!! I was and AM so proud of myself!!! YEA!

Have you celebrated any tiny milestones or you own lately?! I would love to hear about it!!!  Hope yinz have a great week!


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