Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Let's Be Friends

Happy Tuesday yinz!!!

I am linking up with with Chelsee and Tiffany for their Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!!

I can not wait to make some new bloggy friends and find some awesome new blogs to follow too!

What I love about Fall/Halloween...

Brace yourselves, I like food A LOT!!!


LOVE these Fiber One bars! I would swear I am eating a candy bar and they are halfway good for you!!!!

I love my Jamberry Nail Wraps! They last forever and are sooo cute! I especially love when the new holiday ones are released each year and this year does NOT disappoint!!! As always, they are buy three and get one free HERE!  So stinkin' cute and perfect for gifts or a stocking stuffer (the Christmas as equally as cute)!

I am loving all the blog swaps coming up for Fall/Halloween also!! I joined two already and would love to do more! There is nothing I love more than exchanging gifts and getting mail!!!

These babies are amazing!!! I can only find them in the Fall - Caramel Apple Pops!!! YUMMY!! I am totally addicted!

No store even begins to compare to Pier1 for me! I love this place and all of the glitter and fluff associated with their decorations!!! Some people think it is too much but I do not agree! I can never have too much glitter or bling!!!  HA!

I bought these accidentally! I thought they were plain almonds and then after I tried them - I am completely in LOVE! They sound awful but I promise you, if you like semi-hot things and you try them, you will be hooked!! You are welcome!!!

I can not wait to go read all the other blogs they are linking up for the hop! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!!  Thanks Chelsee and Tiffany for hosting!

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