Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jackson's Mill Weekend

Well, I am home from my amazing weekend with friends in West Virginia! While it is nice to be home, I am constantly amazed at how FAST the weekends go, especially ones away.

We stayed in a really cool suite this time...awesome digs!!

This is a picture of the hallway entering the suite....

This is a picture from my Saturday afternoon run. Normally, when we are here in January it is freezing and icky and snowy! This year it was 65 - 70 and sunny??? What is up with this weather? ha!! Loved it though!!
This is the greatest running road is slight hills up and down at a tiny grade and other than that really flat. It is 2.8 miles out from the mill and 2.8 back - perfect distance for a Saturday afternoon!!
Fluffy white clouds!!!!
I found these berries! So pretty...I am going to give them a few weeks and make sure they dry pretty and add them into a wreath I am making for my aunt!
This was my room in the suite....awesome!!! What a shame I did not have a friend to stay over :-(
Another room view...
This was our cool was a box and you could watch the walls as you went had to hold in the button the whole way up and down....pretty neat!!
This was our dinner out with friends! These are some of the greatest people I know!!!!
And this is our bonfire Saturday night...The talented men I went to dinner with above built this - what a fine job they did!!!
This is another view of our hallway....loved this suite!!
This is the left side of the mill....
And this is the roof we could climb out on...if we stay here in the summer, you KNOW I will be tanning out here!!!! Whoop!!!

Hope ya'll had at least half of the weekend recharge I had....NOW BACK TO WORK :-)










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  1. Fun time! the road there looks alot like around here, where I run. Except more dirt, and more killers.


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