Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 78th Elvis

I went to lunch today with a few friends from work.
I am out of the office on Friday and will miss a very dear co-workers last day so me and another woman decided to take her out to lunch today. We ended up at Burgatory as we have all seen and heard of this restaurant but had never been there. NOT good for my diet-ha!) It was very hard to walk past my favorite restaurant of all time, Chipotle, to get there - I felt like I was cheating - LOL!!

This is a restaurant that allows you to make your own burger...you select the meat, bun style, rub, and all the toppings or you can select a pre-designed one. I selected the pre-designed NAKED Morton's Steakhouse Burger...it was amazing - the naked means no bun-ha!!! Here is the form to complete if you want to make your own customized burger.

They appear also to be very popular for their shakes.

The waitress informed us that today would have been Elvis's 78th birthday and they had a shake special in his honor - today only - peanut butter, banana and bacon. Sadly, we did not try it. Everything was amazing though!!!



Tonight is another hiphop and zumba night at the Southside Works gym! I love when I am on track - I need a biggggg workout after that lunch!

Happy Tuesday all!




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