Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun weekend

I have nothing too exciting to report from the weekend.

I spent yesterday taking down Christmas decorations and now my house looks sadly boring!!

I took a video of all my fun singing animals - my family gives me them for gifts and I love them. I have some from 15 years ago!!!

Then last night I went to a meeting with some friends and then we ended up going out to meet up with an old friend of ours, Yvonne at Gil's where she is a bar tender. I have not been out in a bar in so long and was shocked to find out that they do not have darts or games in bars anymore around here. Seems soooo strange to me! But lots and lots of big screen tvs!! This is a picture of Rose and I (I am on the left).

Today I did a quick Zumba class this am and then hit Costco for a quick trip for this new popcorn that I am obsessed with!! It is called Boom Chicka Pop and it is amazing!!!!!

This is a photo I took on my run this pm. This is the Montour Trail by my house. I ended up doing 4 miles and had an average of 11:09 mile....that is awesome for me!!! It was so pretty and they did such a great job clearing it of most of the snow and ice!!! Awesome day!!!

Hope ya'll had an amazing weekend!!! Can't believe it is over already :-(






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  1. Great to see you posting! We just got all the Christmas stuffed boxed up and out in the shed and then of course I find 2 things we missed. Guess I'll throw them in a drawer til next year ;)


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