Friday, January 4, 2013

I confess Friday

I am linking up with Aubrey today! She is hosting the I confess Friday for Mamarazzi week!! Iam soooo happy it is Friday!!

Here are my confessions in photo format!!!

Way to start the first confessional of the New Year right?!?!?


I confess that I REALLY love his man!! Kidrock is my obsession!! I entered a giveaway hoping to win tickets to his New Years Eve show....I did not win as you will see in the later pictures :-(

I love Panang Curry Shrimp from the Thai Foon restaurant. I confess I have tried to recreate it because I am cheap and wish I could make it at home rather than spend money to get take out. Below is just one of those attempts. It was okay but just not the same!!!
These are my feet in preparation for a New Years Eve without Kidrock. I am loving this pedicure! I confess had just had a pedicure two days before this but really wanted something special for New Years!

When I got to the hotel with my friend and started dressing I realized I had two right shoes and could not wear my new spiked, spiked heals for New Years :-( I confess I was really sad!!!! Thank goodness I had a pair of black boots with me, I wore those instead...
This is me and my friend Rose that I spent New Years with as Kidrock was afore mentioned busy! HA!!! I am on the left....I confess I was sooo excited to actually go to a party on New Years that we brought out own horns and beads!!! HA!!!!

I confess....I had soooo much fun with Rose and everyone else at the party that I did not even miss Kidrock....that is, until I got hit on by a man that spent 20 minutes talking to a coffee urn. From that episode, I decided that 2013 is REALLY gonna rock!!!!

Thanks for letting me confess!!!! Soooo excited for this new year!!!!! Hope ya'll had a good one and I cant wait to read all your confessions!!




  1. Shoot! I saw those shoes on your FB and was sad for you! They rock (not kidrock, but rock!) At least you had an awesome time!

  2. You're feet are probably happy that there was 2 of those right shoes! Mine were killing me after the heels I wore!


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