Thursday, January 3, 2013

I said I would never do it...

This year I decided I no longer want to be alone.  Don't get me wrong; I have lots of friends, tons of them actually that would do anything for me. I also have the best family any person could ask for but something is missing. No matter how hard I try to tell myself that I don't care about men, I am truly tired of not having a special someone in my life.  I REALLY miss that closeness and the feeling that there is someone out there rooting just for me in this world!

Soooo, I have joined

Not sure what to think yet, but so far not too thrilled. I have had very little response and the few I have either just want to meet up right away (I prefer to email and get to know someone a little before meeting in person) or they are either unemployed, 30 years older than me, give me their telephone number to call or just have a generally sleezy profile. This does not look promising!! Oh well, I have paid for three months and have been informed that they DO NOT give any refunds (I have tried to call and cancel out already - ha!)! I guess I will be giving it a shot for three months.  You KNOW I will keep ya'll posted so this blog should get pretty interesting to say the far......NOTHING!!!!! So, if ya'll know of some nice men in the Pittsburgh area between 40 and 50, please have them look me up ASAP!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!! HA!

Any of you ever tried online dating??? Please let me know if you know of any success stories...I need hope right now - HA!!!!!!!!

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