Thursday, December 1, 2011

Entreme Grossness

Remember this post about my first baby fish Simpson...don't know why I chose that name but that name just stuck. Anyway, I raised him from just a miniscule eye swimming around in the tank and he is so big now!
Well, he is my fav (or at least one of them) as I have hand raised him from a fry. The other day I noticed something stringly hanging off his back my usual procrastination I ignored it and thought it would go away. Well, it did not! I started googling to find out what was wrong or what it could possibly be on the little guy and I found out........ick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had an anchor worm...which is not really a worm but a cocepod-whatever that means! Anyway, I did surgery on my fish last night!! I do not like to touch my fish I like to only feed and look at them...not touch them! But I had to save the life of this is pretty much what it looked like....
I put on my rubber my best a bowl of bleach and went to town...
I scooped out the little guy in my gloves hand and held him gently still while I grabbed the end of the anchor worm and gently tugged it out...then I added extra Stress Coat and aquarium Salt (as instructed by the internet) to the aquarium and put Simpson back in. I then commensed checking all other fish in detail to see if there were any others and thats when I saw....yup!!!!!! I noticed my pregnant Sunset Platy had one so I plucked her out of the tank and gently pulled hers out.............sooooooooooo gross!!!!!!!!!! Nature can be sooo nasty!!! I did not get pics of my surgery or the anchor worms that I pulled but I am blessing you with someone elses pics and mine looked the same - ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!
I am stopping at the pet store on the way home to see if there is anything else I need to do to end this grossness - until then.....ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am quite disguisted trying to figure out what fish I added that was infected with this grossness!!!!! My Pleco died a few days ago and I am wondering if it was him as he was the last fish I added new.....yuck!!!!!!

PS - thanks for all the support on my blog break - I hope I am now back - I am definitely muttling through and moving forward - which is the most important thing! And single - also important if any of you have hot relatives that are looking for a good woman!!! HA!!!!!!!


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