Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day 4

I am joining up with Kristin at Adventures in Mitchell"ville" for her 25 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.
Hop on over and join in....each day is a different pre-determined post - I think it is going to be fun!!!!!!!

Day 4 - Favorite Christmas Songs

Counting down to NUMBER ONE...

Number 4. What Child is This - I LOVE THIS SONG - soooooooo pretty!!!! and really holds the meaning of Christmas for me!

Number 3. Amazing Grace!!! May not just be for Christmas but I love when the whole Church sings this together on Christmas Eve - makes me tear up!!!!!!!

Number 2. On Another Rosie Christmas there is a song by the Dixie Chicks called "Merry Christmas from the Family" - it is hillarious!!!! When my nieces were around 8-10 (now one is off to college) they learned the words to this and used to sign along and it was hillarious!!!!! Will always love this one!!!!

Number 1. - Always has been and always will be my favorite - the Little Drummer Boy makes me cry every time I hear it!!! Such a great message!!!! And I also loved this movie as a kid but that is another days post - HA!!!!

I will leave you with a clip from the movie - remember it? I love the way to old movies look - so much better than the re-mixed and edited ones!!!!

Can't wait to see everyone elses answers!!!! Happy Sunday!

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