Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Catch-up

Here are a few pics from my weekend at Mom and Dad's...
I ran up this weekend to get a jump-start on present delivery. I got all my presents wrapped and delivered under my parents tree and it feels soooo good to just sit back and enjoy the next week without stress. :-)

Here is my new favorite picture of me! I never take good photos and I actually like this one...I am using this for EVERYTHING!!

My niece Kyleigh got me this for my car!! This is my awesome, new Rudolph car for the holidays! Apparently they were driving and saw it on someone else's car and Kyleigh told her mom "We have to get this for Aunt Annie - she will love it!"

And, she was right - I do love it! It makes me giggle everytime I look at my car!!! Awesome!

And, this is my other niece, Aly! We actually pierced her ears this past weekend with a home piercing gun we got at Sally Beauty. We got it to do Kyleigh's a long time ago and she does not want them done but Aly ran over and was sooooo excited. After the first ear, it was A LOT of bribery to get her to let us do the other one....lesson learned.....

Next time, have two people use the guns and do them both at the same time......doesn't she look adorable though!!!????

Happy Monday to all!!!!



  1. So jealous that you've got all your gifts all set! The photo of you is beautiful - I'd use it for everything too!

  2. I about killed myself finishing my shopping the last 2 days! I know what you mean when you say it's nice to be done!!


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