WHOOT - It's Friday

Here is another hodge-podge post of pictures...

My new favorite snack at work! Frozen edamame...yum!!!

By the time I eat them at work they are no longer frozen but fresh and cold and YUMMY!!!

We have new babies at my house!!!At least one that I saw!!! Here is a photo. I got home last night and one of my three pregnant fishes started to have babies....I only saw one but they are GREAT hiders and I have a lot of plants for them to hide in...I hope a few survive....I think I need to change my blog to a nature blog with all these animals lately - LOL!!!

Hopefully you can see the new fry in the pic below - he is the blurry thing above the leaf...

And in this one he is the little thing swimming horizontally on the very bottom, center in the photo...hope he is alive when I get home from work!!! I could not find him when I left but I am hoping he is hiding...

Happy Friday!!! I will be heading to Columbus for my new nephews baptism so more pics on Monday!!!

Happy weekend yinz!!!!!!!


  1. What kind of fish do you have? My friend at work has Platties and they have babies in her tank :)


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