Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I had a fun and very "milestoney" experience on my vacation day yesterday!

I had my very first mammogram...what fun!

I am writing this to share my experience as the experiences shared with me were NOTHING like the actual event...read on...

Actually, I was expecting horrible pain for extended periods and that was not the case at all!

I had the nicest technician that talked with me about baking, etc. and the time just flew (and felt a little less awkward) - ha!

Anyway, it was not too painful at all either...they put a metal bebe on your nipple and then take two pictures of each breast (compressed) and that is it!! It was a little uncomfortable with the compression but honestly not that bad at all!

Just thought I should write this post as I was terrified and have heard soooo many horrible stories that I was dreading it and it truly was less time and less invasive than a regular gyno appointment...I would take this over one of those ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!

For those of you whom have yet to experience it - don't fear - it truly is not that bad at all - PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!

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