Thursday, October 27, 2011

22 Things I HAVE done...

I am linking up with Mamas Losin It today!

I selected number one to write about....

1. Last week we wrote about what we have never done…this week write a list of 22 things you HAVE done. (inspired by
Sellabit Mom)

1. Twirled baton as a performer on a crusie ship
2. Sang on stage with Bobby Vinton
3. Met the performers of Cats years ago in NY
4. Got fired from my first job - McDonald's (by no fault of my own)
5. Married and divorced
6. Went to rehab-Stayed sober 15 years now and counting!!!!

7. Have my tongue pierced

8. Bought my first home alone with no help from "A Man"
9. Won Grand National Champions with my Twirling Corps
10. Used to complete every summer at Notre Dame
11. Was a majorette in High School
12. Cheated on a Spanish test and was caught
13. Got detention in Middle School for spraying air freshner on the school bus
14. LOVE rock climbing and repeling
15. Have two tatoos (very hidden)

16. Lost close to 100 pounds three years ago - kept MOST of it off :-)
17. Just got out of a three year relationship...feeling better than I thought I would
18. Used to be a waitress all through high school and college
19. Actually met Kidrock in person!
20. Become an Aunt 8 times!
21. Became a certified Green Belt in Six Sigma
22. Started a blog and and now it is one of my favorite pastimes and a great way I am meeting new people and making new friends!!

Can't wait to read what eveyrone wrote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New friends await!!!!!!!!

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