Friday, July 23, 2010

Wreckage of the Storm...

We had a horrible storm run through Pittsburgh Wednesday night! It was fast, furious and scary and the worst part wa the wreckage from the storm on my poor, poor plants.

The worst was my tomato plants....sooo sad :-(

Here are pics of the wreckage...

All of our "large" tomatoes were knocked off one plant when the wind and storm pulled the cage off the plant...these are the little guys that were ripped from the vine...:-(

Need a recipe from all my southern bogging friends for fried green tomatoes (hint hint)!!!

Tilt your head to the right and you get the gist...this is our little tomatoes.,...they all appeard to weather the storm okay...

This is a close up - just for all my friends that know me....I have a horrid fear of spiders and there is a web on this plant (it is the white reflection you see right above the ripe tomatos) and I am leaving it because I figure that the spider will protect my plant from other preditors right??? SEE, a little PROGRESS in the neorosis department!!!!!

This is the tomato plants...the one on the left is the now "naked" plant... the one on the right did much better.

Annnnndddddd..drumroll....this is our bounty...along with the green tomatoes (another hint, recipe!) I "harvested" all these this am before I left for work....many little baby tomatoes....Waliacha and I can each have four one our dinner salad - LOL!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing and happy weekend!!!

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  1. Awww how sad that you lost some in the storm!! My tomato plant hasn't produced too much. Everyone says this is a horrible year for tomatoes this year. I do have quite a few green ones right now. The little cherry tomato one keeps having just one ripe one, which I usually just pick off and eat as soon as I spot it :)


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