PEWC Day 1 Completed

I have completed day one of PEWC (positive effects of water challenge) -at

The challenge is to drink your recommended 64 oz of water each day.

I did and I went and went and went - LOL!!! If you know what I mean?
I was really happy...I got 6 full 16 oz bottles in for the day without using any crystal light, etc.

Go me!!!

When we went to bed - Walt wathced a little "Monday Night Raw" and I tried to fall asleep but actually ended up in the bathroom about three times before we finally shut the tv and lights off.

I hope my body adjusts to this or maybe I need to drink most of it earlier in the day...any ideas???

Well, ready for Day 2 to begin....

Walt is leading tonight in Monessen at the family center so hopefully I will remember my camera and get some pics.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!!


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