The Producers

I spent my lunch hour today going out to purchase tickets for the musical The Producers.

This Friday my older sister, mother and I (little sister also usually goes with us too however she will be attending a family reunion with her husbands family - she will be missed!) will be going to see it at the Benedum in Pittsburgh and then they will spend the night at my condo with the Waliacha and I!! Yippee - company!!!!

I am happy to say that we got great seats and I am soooo excited to see that show with two if my very favorite people!

Thanks to Lou in the ticket booth for being soooo helpful AND funny when I purchased the tickets today after sitting in MUCH traffic and construction on Liberty Avenue!

Could it be MORE difficult to drive through the city of Pgh?!?!?!!?!?

I don't think so!!!!!!!!!

I pity anyone from out of town and trying to use a Garmin or Tom Tom....every road it directs you to is a Detour - scary!!!!!!!!!!!

Our seats are circled below...

I will let you know how it is! Have a great SHORT week!!!!!!


  1. Awesome! Those look like great seats. Traffic in Minneapolis is NO better. I said a few choice words the last time I navigated it!


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