Favorite Breakfast

Figured I would show you a pic of my new favorite breakfast!

It is soo yummy and good for you and keeps me full till lunch!

I saw this on someone elses blog as a frozen treat and I just skip the freeze part and eat it!!!!!


It is Fage greek yogurt (I usually get the 0% fat but they were sold out so I had to get the 2% this time). I add one packet of sweetner (I use Equal) and stir. Then stir in defrosted cherries (I buy the big bag of frozen ones and throw about 1/2 cup into a baggie and then by the time I get to work they are defrosted.

and then eat!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!

I promise if you try it you will love it! The Greek Yogurt is sooo much thicker than regular yogurt and has more protein so I guess it is supposed to be much better for you - I actually prefer it now to regular!!


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