Friday, November 13, 2009


WOW!! This has been a really looong and crazy week!! My boss is out of town and work has beeen nuts!!! Appologies to all for not posting in a week - wow - long time hugh?
On a fun note: Tuesday was Waliacha's Bday - he is the biiiiig 47!!!!!
He has been teased constantly by me about his age this week - LOL!
Also, things have been a little stressed as he is currently searching fo remployment (and I mean searching).
There is nothing out there at all for employment these days - it is scaryyyyyy - companies know that the economy is hurting and they are offering jobs at like 7.50 and 9.50 an hour....that's insane!!
Something has got to change!!!!!!!!
Oh well, enough of me...
Have a great weekend all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS - even though I have not posted I have been reading all yours!!! Thanks for the much needed entertainment and enlightenment for the week! LOVE YA ALL!!!!!

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  1. good morning Ann! Good luck on job hunting! Thanks for stoppin by my blog! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!


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