Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fa La La La La Prep

Here is a little Christmas prep!!!

I love love love the holidays and here are just the beginning of the decorations for this holiday!!!

My little patio!!! Left up the harvest flag till next week!!!

A little decor...

A little more...

A little more...

And lastly my very first "not real pine" is growing on me - can only decorate the top 2/3 due to cat issues...they steal the ornaments and run with them!!! LOL
Since this picture I have also added a ton of candy canes to the tree too!!


  1. I have been itchin' to get my Christmas stuff out! I have to wait til after Thanksgiving though...or I will get sick of it before Christmas!

    Love all your decor!

  2. Last year we bought our first "fake" tree, and it was so nice to NOT have to fight the crowds this year for a tree...and all the work!

    Rage, rage, rage is still raging, will have to wait unless I can fit it into 55 words!

    thanks for asking, though!
    Peace, YOU!

  3. Very very nice!
    I can't wait to put up our tree! I have to wait till hubs lays the new flooring though..:(


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