Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sold Out!!

Okay!! It is official!!!! I am finally a sell out!!!

I was (as of last year) the last of our family (Parents and three siblings included) to purchase a REAL tree for Christmas.

Everyone else went out sometime in the past five years and bought one of those plastic, icky, pseudo trees to decorate.

Well, this is the year I finally sold out!!!!!

Yesterday I went and bought an icky, plastic pseudo tree. It is prelit (saved massive time on decorating) and needs nothing to eat or drink (no more water for the cats to slosh onto the condo rug!??!?!?!?) And, aside from a few stray pieces of plastic it will not shed.

So - all in all - I am a very happy fake tree owner this year (I will be happier next year when I dont have to spend ANY money at all and just get it out of the box)...saving money too?!?!??!?!

I am going to stop on the way home from work today and invest in A LOT of pine scented candles or maybe just some pine cuttings to decorate with here and there - I think the smell is what I will miss the most - aside from sap covered cats!!! LOL

What is your preference?????? Truth be told, I STILL prefer real however there are just toooo many pros to ignore purchasing a fake tree!

I will have pics tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Yippee - I love the holidays!

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