Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Official - 6 lb gain!

OK!!! It is official...time to get SERIOUS!!! Soooooo serious that I am once again going to pay to get this weight thing under control!

After Turkey Day is now over - I hopped on the scale and after the scale stopped moaning (ha ha) - I found out that I gained 6 lbs since I stoped going to Weight Watchers last year at this time(affectionately called Fat Club in my family).
I work out like a maniac daily however, my portions are obviously sized like a maniac also!!!!!!!

I will not head back in that direction and I could still stand to lose more so this is my deal with myself!
I am re-joining WW tonight after work at the 5:00PM mtg in Greentree.

I will get down to at least size 8 before I quit but hopefully at that point I will be a lifetime member and maintain that, there it is in writing!

Back to Fat Club and I CANNOT WEIGHT TO GET THERE!!!!!!!! (get it?!??!?!)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Ann,
    I so know where you are coming from. I need to start WW again to but with all the Christmas goodies coming I may have to wait until January. :-)


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