Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long time no post

WOW! It has been awhile hugh? I have been silently lurking and following all of your other blogs however, I had nothing to write...just got a little writers block I guess.
What's new with me?
life is rolling along happily...
which is nothing to take lightly with my track record - LOL! I am enjoying it IMMENSLY!

This Saturday is the Night at the Races that Mindy has been preparing for (with a tiny bit of help from me - but mostly her hard work) and I am sooooooooooo excited. So excited in fact that I bought a new outfit which for me NEVER happens!!!!
Wait till you see...
I will post pics of Waliacha and I all dressed up! I am psyched!!!

Also, I am back into running.

For a while there I was doing classes at the gym (BodyPump and Zumba, etc.) and not running at all and my weight loss stalled out. Now I am jogging at least 1 hour everyday and if I have time in the evening then doing the classes...I think this is working!!! YEAH!!! I will let you know for sure next week after I see how much I have lost this week.

Anyway-that is my justification for new running shoes. I LOVE ASICS and someone told me to try New Balance as they are supposed to be really comfortable running shoes....I hated mine! So, I bought a new pair of ASICS...aren't they pretty???? The New Balance are hitting the dumpster after work!!

Have a great day and I will DEFINTIELY post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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