Thursday, August 20, 2009


Waliacha officially moved in and is already paying rent and contributing to OUR home...
Bad news is.....yup, Waliacha was laid off again yesterday. I just dont understand the Unions at all! He was called back for almost a month and told he is laid off again - soooooo stupid!! The union is doing NOTHING for him at all! The boss told him they have projects but until the money is released they cannot buy materails and start work - sooooooooooo they will call him back as soon as they can! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOO stupid!! Oh well, nothing I can change :-)

I am back on track with the gym and weight watchers and happier than ever with (newly unemployed) Waliacha - on the good side, at least he can cook dinner every night! :-)

Yesterday at the gym I met a girl named Chris. She was trying out my gym for free as she used to go to the one that the shooting happened in 2 weeks ago. She thinks she is going to join permanently and said that her gym is reopening in a few days....kinda sad but, if I did classes there I would not want to go back for sure!! What do you think? She said she did not think it should re-open and I tend to agree with her...what do you think???

Anyway, happy thursday everyone - almost to Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Keep gym open. make Wallacha manager. Remodel some, photos, paintings (local, for sale, etc)

    Carry on.

    Call sponsor for details.


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