Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happier Topic....

On a happier topic...I ran last night 6 miles again on the treadmill and did Zumba class!! Shake it!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo psyched and back on track!!! The piece that I cut out was the running and now everything is back in place and I am losing weight like CRAZY again!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to EVERYONE that I follow on these blogs because I read what you write everyday and truly get inspired to be better and do better - so thanks for alll of you and your blogging!!!
I am off to do a work presentation and then to dentist!! I ate (tried to chew) a few fireballs and lost a filling - HA HA!!

Have A Great Activity Filled Day!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS - I forgot to download the pics from the weekend - will definitely do this and post tomorrow - wait till you see!!!!

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