Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Organization is my BEST friend

I am definitely OCD without a doubt. I am working on this as it is not fair to the wonderful man I live with to have to pick up and clean up constantly.
I have however taken one step back with this latest idea but I LOVE it!!!
I can never find the shoes I want to wear easily as I have three cats and if I leave them on the floor they get chewed (yes, cats do this also-not just dogs...at least my cats do! LOL)
I saw this in a magazine and did it at home and LOVE it! I fourgot to take a pic of mine so this is the gist of it and I will show you mine tomorrow.

Isn't it AWESOME! I bought a bunch of clear boxes from the dollar store and took pics of each pair in the boxes. Then got the pics developed and tapes the pic to the side of the box and lines them all up on the floor of my closet!!! Waaaaalaaaaaa - instant additional shelf room (more sweaters????) I will post my tomorrow!!! Sooooo awesome!

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