Closet Org Pictures

And finally, for my final post of the day....closet pics!!
In case you did not see my post on this here it is....


Here are the pics of my shoes in the closet now!!!!

Funny story about this - when I got the pics developed at one hour photo, the lady developing them said "Are you taking all these pics to sell these on ebay - cause I love these shoes and will just buy them from you right now? I said "All my shoes?" and laughed and she said "oh yes, I am serious". I felt bad saying nope, not selling them organizing them....funny hugh?!?! I was actually tempted to sell few as cheap as I am ...:-)

I will now leave you with a pic of one of the cats exploring the new boxes all over their closet play area (trying to figure out where all their play space went...HA!)
Have a happy and fun day!!!!!!!!!!


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