Thursday, July 9, 2009


Life can be soooo bizarre....
Quick update...
Not sure if I updated that Waliacha was let go from his roofing job because his car broke down and he called off three days in a row to try to fix it. Well, long story short, after buying a new car, filing for unemployment again and drving part-time for a limo company he got a (kind of sort of) appology call from his old boss asking him to come back to work.
Strange world hugh?
It's all about perspective...initially Waliacha was ticked but then with PERSPECTIVE put himself in his bosses shoes and realized that there is a past history there and a time when the car story would have been just that - "a story" to cover up a few day long bender. So, he handled it very adult and simply started looking for a new full-time job with another roofing company.
As soon as he got acceptance for the situation (It is what it is) the old boss called back and explained that he thought the car story was made up and now that he knows it is true he would like Waliacha to please come back to work.
Bizarre........oh well, acceptance is always a great thing.
On another note, I had my review at work and it was stellar...thanks only to the big man above and all of my (as Steve calls them) "Peeps" for teaching me how to be a responsible, accountable and dependable employee. THANKS TO YOU ALL - You know who you are!
Tonight is me and Waliacha's date night - WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! My favorite night of the week.
Tomorrow is Friday and also I am going to go to Les Miserables with my mom and sisters...nothing could be better - WOW - I LOVE MY LIFE AND FAMILY AND FRIENDS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

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