Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wildlife Conservation...Baby Birds

We have a program at work that is voluntary for participation that is called Wildlife Sustainability Team. We monitor bluebird boxes and each person is assigned to wathc two boxes and report on nests/eggs/babies/preditors/etc.

Yesterday I went and checked on my bludbirds nest at work to find this...

Last week I had 5 eggs and I think these baby birds are about 2 days old...Are they not sooo ugly that they are cute????? I will keep you posted with pics to watch them develop (normally takes about two weeks till they try to fly)....I will be away for the holiday so the next pics will be from Monday which is four days from now....should be MAJOR changes by then....

Yippee!!!!!!! GGGGGooooooooooooooo birdie babies!!!

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