Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wally's New Car

Continuing on the saga of boyfriend...his car died last week. I am not sure what all I posted and did not post however, he has bought a new car. Thank goodness!

No more transportation issues...
Here it is (with Waliacha doing the happy dance next to it) is a Hyundai Sonata....pretttttty!

And this is the car he used to use everytime his broke is his brothers that he keeps around for emergencies...gotta love it right....a REAL Buick Roadmaster "Woody" completely equiped with the Jesus plaque duct-taped in the window. I joke now but was thanking goodness for this car MANY MANY times!!!!! LOL

1 comment:

  1. I'm letting you know I was here!!!

    Wish I could write short blogs...I'll renew my effort along thiat line--maybe Next week, or next month.

    I'm serious, I like "short and sweet".

    And your descriptions of 'transportation issues' is really Fun-ny.


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