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Kidrock 2015

My whole week is complete!

I received notification that I am able to purchase tickets for Kidrock tomorrow!!! I am getting tickets for myself, my new boyfriend and a good friend of ours to all go together!

He is coming to Pittsburgh in June 2015 and I cannot wait to be there!

What an amazing man, performer and concert! If you have never gone, I recommend it!

I can hardly contain my excitement!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

This is what I live for each YEAR! LOL!

Winter Blows-literally!

Yes, this is happening in Pittsburgh! I am over Winter!! It blows, literally! This picture is from Saturday but it looks just the same today! Yucky cold and slippy roads. Done with Winter! All of you that live in warmer climates, congrats! I like Winter for about the first three a snowman, throw a snowball and go sledding once and then I am over it! My boyfriend is in Florida...he went for one week and had to extend it when the project took longer than he expected. I am starting to think that it was delayed on purpose! LOL!!!!

Another shot when I was stuck in dead stopped traffic!!!

And this is the temperature in Pittsburgh lately...

And as soon as I saw -1 and said that got worse!!! LOL!!!

This is a picture my boyfriend sent...nice of him, hugh??? LOL! What a difference in climates where we are! At this point I would much rather be where he is!!!

Happy Tuesday yinz! I am working hard to stay positive and grateful but it is so very hard with this weather!! 


Pittsburgh International Car Show

On Friday I got tickets from my sweetie to go to the Pittsburgh International Car Show at the David Lawrence Convention Center. I was so bummed when I found out he would be out of town and we could not go but I decided to use the tickets and go with a girlfriend from work instead. We had such a great time!!!
This is us in the balloon car at the entrance! HA HA! I am on the left (tanning is definitely working - ha) and Kathy is on the right.

I am looking to buy a new car in the Spring or Summer and I fell totally in love with this car and this color! I was not sure at first but I love it now!! It is a Honda Civic SI and the color is amazing!!!!!!!! I have a Civic now and I love it but this baby is amazing!

Here is another angle - it is sooo cute! And big motor and stick shift which is exactly what I want!!!

Look at this beauty! We just stared in awe at this car!! Beautiful Lotus!!!!!!!!

Look at this beauty! We just stared in awe at this car!! Beautiful Lotus!!!!!!!!  A picture can NOT do …

Five Quickies

Once again I am joining in on all the Friday Fun!!!
Friday Favorites // Friday Favorites // Oh Hey Friday// 5 on Friday
 Link up and meet new friends!!!

 ONE: I got this awesome Valentine on my desk at work on Thursday...Love my friend Jenna!!

Got this deliciousness for dinner on Thursday night - this place is amazing if you live anywhere in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.  I got the Las Vegas Roll but everything here is amazing!!!!

Seriously, this is the temperature my car was this morning when I left for work!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!? I am soooooooo ready for Spring!

And this was on my desk this morning when I got to work! I am so blessed with awesome work friends!! Thanks Sheila!!!

I sent this to my sweetie this morning! I am alone for Valentines Day as he has things he had to take care of out of town but he is still in my heart!

 I hope everyone had an amazing week and I wish for you all an even more amazing weekend!!!!!

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Just Don't Think About It

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

I hope everyone has a great Valentines weekend planned or at least that you all are happy that it is FRIDAY!!!

I have cram-packed my weekend full of activities so that I do not dwell on the fact that I am alone AGAIN on Valentines Day! You may be confused by that since I am still dating that amazing guy so let me catch you up!

He has a property in Florida and he needed to go down to supervise the installation of sod and landscaping for a few days. Those few days just happen to overlap Valentines Day :-(

I know!!! Bummer, right? I totally get him having to go and take care of things; I just feel the need to whine about it a little - not to him of course - you guys are the lucky ones!!! HA!!!

Anyway, I know he will make it up to me but I HATE always being alone on Valentines.

So, the plan is as follows.....

Friday night - attend the Pittsburgh International Car Show with my friend from work (thanks to my darling for the tickets as we were going to go together un…

Stridebox February

As many of you already know I look forward to getting my Stridebox every month! It is always chock full of awesome things for runners and exercisers! If you do not know about this and you are a runner then you are missing out...if you just keep yourself in shape but don't run, then you are ALSO missing out! It is GREAT every month!!!

Here is this months box for February!

It gives you a breakdown of all the products contained in your box that month, where to buy them and the cost and also if it should be used before/during/after your workout.

This box was amazing!!!!! I ate this for lunch yesterday and I am now HOOKED!!! So yummy!!!!!!! I love the name too - cookie doughpness!!!

 Next is this gem...I used this in my water for the gym and it was ok...not nearly as much flavor as a regular Nuun and almost salty tasting? I love the regular Nuun and used it for Marathon and Half-Marathon training but this tasted kinda strange to me - but to the added caffeine I say YES!!

 This is a hot drin…

Five on Friday - Friday Five

Friday Favorites // Friday Favorites // Oh Hey Friday// 5 on Friday
Happy Friday Everyone!!!
TGIF, am I right?!?!?
I am soooo ready for the weekend! This week has been so crazy that I refuse to even acknowledge it!!!
Moving's Friday! I am again joining the amazing hosts above for their Friday wrap-ups!
Come along - join in also - you will definitely meet some new and really fun bloggers! Today I am recapping my five favorite pictures from the past week!
ONE:  Went out to dinner with this adorable stud muffin M on Friday night. We had an amazing dinner and amazing talks as always! (I look smitten, don't I?) HA

TWO:   Had this amazing pizza on Sunday night for our Superbowl dinner! It was amazing! It is buffalo chicken pizza from Pizzaz (one of our favorite restaurants)! Just look at that grease! It was awesome! I can not tell you the last time I had pizza and this was worth EVERY calorie!
THREE: Spent some quality time with my adopted furry pets! These are M's puppies! Both …