Yeah it is Friday!!!!!!!

I am soooooooooo excited that it is Friday!
This weekend I have ABSOLUTELY nothing planned and this thrills me!
I think I may walk on the path and play outside for two days!!!!
What I know is I WILL NOT set an alarm!!! And I will not work - AT ALL!!!!
Yeah me!!!
On an icky note! I do not think I have ever mentioned this by I have psoriasis!
I was diagnosed years ago by a family doctor and he advised against any medical treatment (on a side note - he actually said that tanning controls it and the only treatment would be dangerous steriod shots). So, for four years I have justified my tanning as keeping my psoriasis in check and it has. However, lately that is not the case.

I have new patches all down both legs and this Easter my niece kept saying "why does Aunt Annie have all those bo bos"?

Here is an example of what they look like...

Children are honest!!! LOL

So, I decided that it is time to go to a dermitologist and check out my options.
Turns out, they have tons of treatments they can use these days that only involve mild steroid creams and coal tar mixtures. We are starting with one of these mixture creams and seeing if it will clear them up and we will try other things after a month if it does not help.

Well, it has been about a week and they already look soooooooooo much better - I think (knock on wood) that I will actually be able to wear shorts this summer without being totally paranoid!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to walk around with bandages all down my legs so it is pants all month!!!!!!! LOL

If you or anyone you know has this, then you know it is horrible!!! It is sooo embarrasing and people look at you like you have some kind of horrible disease that is contagious and it is not. It is just ugly!!!!!! And icky!!!!!! And it never leaves you it just goes into a kind of remission and anytime there is skin trama another poatch starts (do you know how hard it is to shave your legs without nicking) LOL!!!!!!

Anyway hopefully (as mine is SO FAR only a moderate case) it will be gone soon and I can keep little patches in check from here!!!!

Also, stress makes it worse so I told Waliacha I should quit my job, stay home and have a baby!!!!! LOL
Happy Weekend all!!!!


  1. YAY for the weekend. And Yay for wearing shorts again. I bought some to wear this weekend and I seriously havent worn shorts in years.

    Sorry that you have psoriasis. I hope that the DR is able to get it cleared up soon.

    And I got the hairspray today in the mail! Thanks again! So excited to use it.

  2. My brother suffers from the same thing. He tans about twice a week, just to keep it in check. A coworker's wife has had psoriasis all of her life. About 2 yrs ago she started taking some medicine (1 pill per day) and it has gone away completely. She tans as well and now never breaks out. Apparently the medicine she is taking works on some people but her sister can't take it. I also think there are several side effects too. I don't know what the name of it is though.


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