Yeah!!!!!!!! I am sooooo thrilled to report that Waliacha is back to work today at Commercial Roofing!!!!!!!!!

I was holding my breath up until this am at 4:30AM when he left for the jobsite!!!!

Finally, after 6 months of unemployment he is back to work!!!!

It was taking it's toll on him as a man as I think it is really hard to do nothing and feel good about least that it how it seemed. He was getting a little depressed and I am soooo glad it is over least until next winter :-(

Maybe by then we can find him a new occupation! Who knows?!?!?!?

So - I am thrilled and have nothing of any more importance to report - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. YAY! I'm glad he was able to find a job that will make him happy. :)

    Just curious - how do you pronounce his name? I have never seen it before! As someone with a unique name {pronounced tie-lee}, I would rather someone just ask me so I try to do the same. :)

  2. Hi Tyly!!! LOL
    His name is Walt actually Walter. I just call him Waliacha because when my niece was younger she made up a song with Waliacha and it just stuck for him! Guess I should really use his real name - HA!!


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