Top Two Tuesday

I am playing along with Taylor for her Top Two Tuesday!!!

It's time for a wayyyyyyy fun Top Two Tuesday that I can totally relate to!!!!!!!
Only problem is how do I pick the top two?!?!?!
It is Top Two favorite things about summer!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really do love EVERYTHING about summer but my two favorite would have to be.....

Number One:

The Lake!!! The lake is Lake Mohawk and it is in Ohio...this is where my parents live and it is a frenzy of activity in the summer!!!! There is fishing, boating, swimming, skiing, jet-skiing, campfires and most importantly FAMILY!!!!
All the kids and their kids try to go up as many weekends as possible in the summer. It is only a two hour drive for me so I try to make it up every weekend!!!! Waliacha had a little taste of it this past Easter when he fished with my nephew, dad, and brother-in-law and he LOVED it!!!!!! I actually got him HIS VERY OWN fishing rod for his one year anniversary and he is sooo excited!
I cannot wait until summer is in full swing and we are back on that boat and eating smores around the campfire!!!


Number Two:


I love, love, love flowers and many people have said I am a little obsessed!!!

I will show you pics of my flowers from last year to show you how obsessed I am! I live in Pittsburgh and it is definitely not past the last freeze here but I have already planted all my flowers for the year and when we have cold nights I just bring them all in or cover the big ones. I am totally used to doing this and it is worth it to me just to get to have the flowers to look at earlier!!!

Later in the week I will post my flower pictures from the ones I just planted this past weekend - I had to get new rechargeable batteries for my camera and have not been able to get the pictures yet.


  1. Perfect! Just seeing those made me want to go to the lake and plant flowers! Or? Better yet? You could come plant them for me!

  2. Aweee! I love campfires.
    Hello. I am now following u through google friend. I came here via TTA. I am #4 Traci66 or http://traci66, I hope you will come see me.

  3. Love your summer picks! Those lake pictures are too cute! Your blog is precious!

  4. I love summer flowers too! They just make me happy.

  5. great picks! looks like you guys spend a lot of time at the lake:)

  6. Hello! Thanks for tagging along this week at the Tuesday Tag-Along blog hop hosted by Twee Poppets! I'm a follower of your blog! :)


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