Seven Random Facts About Me

Seven Random Facts About Me...

Thanks Selina for the tag :) (I am one of the ones not yet tagged and I had nothing to say today - worked out well!!! LOL)

1. I am alumni of the Modernettes (based in South Park, PA) (Grand National World Twirling Corps Champions) - we won all 10 years I was a member from 1976 - 1986...they are still winning EVERYTHING so it didn't totally have to do with me being on the team!!!! :-)

2. I am divorced. I was married at 26 and divorced in the same year - sad I know!!! Actually, not sad just a really BIG BIG BIG mistake...I love serious relationships just dont think I ever want someone to have control of y life ever again...I will date for the rest of my life - NEVER agin will I marry! I have stuck to this for the past 17 years so thats why people are suprised when they hear I was married.

3. I would love to have a baby! I am in a serious relationship and if it happens, it happens!I would be THRILLED - although I am 40 - time will tell....... :-(

4. I am highly allergic to cats!! I have three cats and if there were not lawes governing it, I would have 300 - I cry everytime I see an unwanted animal...dont ever let me near a kennel or shelter because I will LEAVE with an animal!!!! I am the crazy cat lady (just feel the laws of social norms keeping me in check-LOL) oh and the fact that I am, as the doctor said, "highly allergic to cats" LOL!!!!

5. I met Kidrock in person at his concert (and got a pic taken with him) here in Pgh years ago and I have been in love with him every since!!! He is the sweetest guy ever - seriously not at like you would expect!! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!!!! Annnnddd - here's a sweet tip - I still have his cigarette butt from when we met him, DNA!?!?!?!?!?! Kidding, but not - LOL!!!

6. I have not had a drink or drug (mood or mind altering) for over 13 years!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Life is sooooo much better when you can FEEL it!!

7. I have been a computer support tech for the past 20 years of my life and just recently started into a new phase of my career to become a Six Sigma Analyst - LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn new things and I love my job and love my boss and love my company!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

In the words of Selina: If there's anyone left who hasn't done it and wants to - I TAG YOU!!!!


  1. Very interesting random facts! How awesome that you have gone so long without drinking/drugs. I"m the kind of person who has to be super careful when I drink because it's easy for me to have too much.

    I think you should show some pictures of your twirling days!

  2. Well very interesting!! I really don't know you so that helped me get to know you a little better!! I enjoyed learning those things about you!! Very good!!


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