Rhubarb and Buckeyes

This lovely couple is my Aunt Laura and Uncle Chris Buehler.
For many, many years they owned a peach orchard in Ohio.
I have sooooo many fond memories of them and the orchard...as a child riding through the orchard on a tractor and picking and eating as many peaches as we wanted!!!!!!
Sooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!
Also, when we went to their house they always had buckeyes (the real kind and not the cookie kind) and rubarb spread (yummmmmmmy!)
They have both passed on but they passed on sooo many amazing and fond memories for my family for as long as we had them in our lives!
I love you both!


  1. I have to admit, I don't know what a buckeye is - you can eat them?

    The kind of family that leaves behind a legacy is the kind of family I want to be. How awesome that you have them to remember! (o:


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