Christmas Gifts

Along with furry pj's and a one-hour Swedish massage (which I have already used by the way) from Mom and Dad for X-mas....

I got the coolest gifts from my "little" brother in our family exchange!!!!

I got a baking stone that I love love love. I know - "We thought you were on a diet?"...

That is what makes this soooo great!!!

I am a pizza making freek now.

I use the wheat flatbreak (2 points) like a tortilla

1/4 c Weight Watchers mozz or chedder cheese

Salsa instead of sauce

and toppings like hot banana peppers/tomato/seasonings/onion/mush/seasoned turkey burger meat/diced chicken/any veggies/YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

They are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

They get so melty and crunchy....even Waliacha loves them!!!!!!!!

Annnnnnnnnddddd I got a...

Nike Ipod running tracks my runs and it is soooooooo cool - it even does a little countdown when you are close to finsihing your goal of the run (either time, distance, etc.)

It is sooooooo fun to run!!! I am still doing classes (Zumba and BodyPump) on the off days but running (or should I say jogging-LOL) has become fun again!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!

And, of course, the biggest gift of all was getting to see the ENTIRE family together for the holiday!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Stopping by to say HI......I just haven't been in a bloggy mood. Sorry I didn't post a blog about your wonderful ornaments you sent me. I hope to do that this week....notice I said hope. :-)


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