Loving the Miracles in life

I love blogging because it brings those little "God things" and coincidences and miracles soooo close for EVERYONE to witness.

I have watched many, many people recover from a seemingly helpless and hopeless state of addiction and when you see it; it is AMAZING!!! That is one of the blessings of sponsoring others in recovery!

It is such a miracle to be present when that light comes on and the newcomer "gets it"!!!
I love blogging because these miracles happen everyday to a lot of people in a lot of walks of life...no just addicts, etc.

I want to share with EVERYONE this story because when I read it today I just started sobbing.....makes you TOTALLY realize and believe 100% (if even for that one moment) that there really is someone else in charge and we just have to share what is on our hearts with him and great things will come to pass.

Please read this and you will see what I mean...I hope you ENJOY!!!!
And keep your eyes and ears out - the miracles happen everyday ALL over the world if we look for them and are open to them!!!!!!! Congrats to the Staffords also!!!!!


  1. God is soooo very good. I have been a reader of Melissa's blog for sometime. God's timing is always perfect!!


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