Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Fun in Harrisburg

Hi everyone! It's time for a little late but fun Easter recap!! When  went to do this post today I realized that I hardly took any pictures at all this year! I must have been enjoying myself too much and forgot! OOPS!

Well, here I what I have...

I spent the Easter in Harrisburg. My parents usually have all kids and spouses and kids tot their house but they are still in Florida this year since Easter cam so early. My sister stepped up and decided to have everyone at her house. My little brother and his family could not attend due to medical issues they are facing right now but both sisters and their families were there. We missed Matt and his family and Mom and Dad but it was nice to be together. Also, my BF came this holiday which was a first.

Here are the kids Easter morning with their baskets from the bunny.

 And here are the instructions for the egg hunt (this is my duty every year and I love it more each year)!!! This year we followed the Pinterest idea and had each kid find a certain color so everything was even.

Ready for the egg hunt...

 And they are off!!!!!

From the time "the bunny" put the eggs out and the kids went out to look for them only about five minutes had elapsed. One of the kids found this egg....apparently in those five minutes, a groundhog or bunny found the egg first and ate it open and stole her miniature chocolate bar. That makes for one awesome Easter story to tell! LOL! Please excuse my nails...I have spent the past two weeks coloring eggs.

 Here are the kids with bunny - we went to see him at the Mall on Saturday. Everyone is smiling, no one is scared of the bunny anymore - LOL! (On a side note: do you love the little girls lips? I gave them a sample of lip gloss that I received and it is literally NEON! Their mother wanted to kill me...ha ha).

Here is a small selection of the awesome eggs we decorated. The kids did a great job and were so creative!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! One more day left in the week! WHOOP!

What is your favorite part of Easter? decorating eggs? egg hunt? visiting the bunny?

Take care everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. I definitely was very fun! I would not trade family for ANYTHING! Hope yours was awesome and blessed!

  2. I like the idea of the color per child egg but ours are too little still. Maybe in a couple years (the nieces and nephews). The big kids sat it out this year!

    1. It worked out great! Then they dont fight to see who get the most...they all have the same number in their color! That way when we add money it is all "even steven"!! HA! My older nieces also sat it out..actually they came close to sleeping it out...we had to practically wake my teenage niece to do our hunt...teenagers sure sleep late! LOL! Hope your Easter was blessed Julie!


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