Monday, March 21, 2016

The Who LIVE

Hi internet peeps! I cannot wait to tell you how awesome my week was last week! Thanks to my BF I got to attend the Who Concert in Pittsburgh! It was held at the Consol Energy Center and it was EPIC!

I have loved The Who since I was in middle school! I used to sit for hours and listen to their albums in my room! LOVE LOVE LOVE them - so the opportunity to see them was nothing short of awesome!

I have to say, it was by far my very favorite concert EVER! I love me some Kidrock but this concert was amazing! They sounded exactly like they did on their albums and it is 30 years later!

Here are a few pictures...

This was on the jumbo-tron screen when the music started playing...

Here is a picture of me and my sweetie! He was wearing his tye-dye shirt from their last tour!

A little collage...Pete Townsend on the left and Roger Daulterey on the right...

Another of them together! They sounded awesome and played awesome! Pictures of Lily was amazing! Also, Pinball Wizard and See Me were KILLER!

The songs took me back to a much simpler time and it truly was an amazing experience! If you like The Who and they are coming to your town make sure to WILL NOT be disappointed...for ages 70 and 72 they still play and sound like they are 25!!!

After the concert, my BF had to stop in a store for something and I waited in the truck.  He came knocking on my window with flowers - surprise! Does it get any better?!?! NOPE! Love him so much!

What concerts have you seen lately?
Do you have a special song that is emotional for you?
Do you love The Who too?!?!

Happy Monday to you all - I hope you all have an amazing week!

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