Friday, March 25, 2016

Cutex Rocks

Hi friends! I see these all the time and I was finally given the opportunity by Influenster to review products! Yeah! So fun!
I was sent a complimentary pack of Cutex Nail Polish removers to test and review.
I have tried polish pads in the past and they just did not work as well as regular polish on a cotton ball. Also, it seemed like a waste of money when it took more than three pads to do all ten nails.
Well, these new pads are great!
ONE pad took the polish off both hands and I had two coats on!
It also left my nails moisturizer as compared to most regular polished that dries them out. I really like this product and will be running to the store today to stock up!
Give them a try.... I promise you will be pleased. These will be my new go to for travel! Now signing off to go find the perfect spent polish color for Easter weekend!
Enjoy! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!
Anyone else try these?
What was your opinion?
What is your favorite spring color?

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