Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Whoopie!

Hi everyone! TGIF!!! As my Grandma Wells used to say...WHOOPIE WHOOPIE!

I am so happy it is time for 5 on Friday, Oh Hey Friday and Friday Favorites! Friday I have waited ALL week for you!

I LOVE FRIDAY!!! You are my favorite day of the week!

And here are five things I am loving today!!!

1. I will be getting to see my awesome older sister two weekends in a row!! I am off to Harrisburg to visit after work - this day cannot end soon enough!!! Here is a picture from Florida a few weeks ago of us (she is on the right and I am on the left).

 2. The reason for my visit with my sister is that we are running the Hershey 10K tomorrow.Yes, you heard that right...I am excited! It is a very hilly course and will be a very slow time for my finish but I love running through Hershey Park when the rides are not running.  I also love seeing all the characters!! Hopefully I can find the Hershey Kiss Guy and the Hershey Bar Guy! Below is a cute picture from the race a few years ago.

3. Second only to the race...I am very excited to stop into this amazing place!!! There is nothing better than Chocolate World!!!!! YUMMO!!!! Chocolate everywhere!!!! If you have never been there, it is WORTH a trip! The amusement park is huge too!

4. I have been obsessed with Pure Barre lately! I just joined for the year and am so excited! I love Pure Barre and Platform classes. They are an amazing low impact and serious workout! We just finished March Madness which was a challenge to attend 20 classes in 31 days (even with being on vacation in Florida 10 days, I did it!) I guess that means I love it, right? Picture below is from Pure Barre website and YES, I look exactly that elegant when I attend class! NOT!  I am the one falling and tipping over in class! My poor studio is probably embarrassed by me in my old, ripped t-shirts but it is what I am comfortable in.  LOL!

5. And along the Pure Barre lines, my niece turned me onto this company that makes socks and clothes especially for Pure Barre and the socks are adorable! It is called ShopBarreSocks.  I just got a purple pair that say "What the tuck" (we tuck A LOT in barre class) and a grey pair that say "Down an inch on one and Up an inch on the other (we do that A LOT in barre class too!).

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!

What is your favorite chocolate?!?! Do you like Hersheys? 

What is your next race? What exercise is your current favorite?

I will recap the race next week! Take care!



  1. What a fun race! I find that having a good atmosphere really helps me when running a race so I always look for ones that have a great course or some fun element to them. Good luck!

    1. Thanks - it really is a very fun race and the park is awesome when it is all closed down - really neat to run through! Have a great week!

  2. Happy travels seeing your sister and doing the 10K! Sounds wonderful to visit Hershey's although I am a Ghiradelli dark chocolate girl myself. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Nonnie! I love Ghiradelli as well! And Sarris! And Wilbur Buds! There is no chocolate that I have ever walked away from! HA HA


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