Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hi! I hope eveyrone is having an awesome early Spring!!!

I was sent a Vox Box from Influenster to review the products inside.

I received a lot of really great stuff and I have to say that one of my favorites was the razor and shave cream from Venus! I was sent the Venus Shave gel in Voilet Swirl and Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razors for women.

I had not tried any of these new razors for women as I am a traditional "use your dads razor" kind of girl.

My Dad gave me his old Shick razor years ago and I just keep getting new blades for it.

Now that I have tried this razor I cannot believe the difference!

I absolutely love the handle and the design of the razor - it has these ergonomic gripes on it that makes it so easy to hold and use and five blades. The razor just glides so smoothly!!!

My legs felt amazing after I was done! It probably helps that I used the awesome shave gel that they sent me also! The Violet Stripe that I received smelled so good! I have to be honest, I usually just use water in the shower and no cream at all.

Well, I am sold! My legs are smoother than they have ever been! Give them a shot! I promise you will love these products! And your legs will too!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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