Monday, January 11, 2016

Unplanned Long Break?

Wowsa! It has been almost a month since I posted! I am so very sorry and although I have not updated all of you, I have been reading your blogs.

This Christmas was a great time with a mix of emotions.

I had a multitude of happy and joyous family holiday memories, along with fun New Years Eve memories and then followed by a little sadness and grieving in the start of the New Year.

Although I was crazy busy and never found time to update; I do want to make sure to document all the fun in my blog - that's why we do this right?

Needless to say, I will spend the next few days filling you in on all the goodness that was my 2015 Holiday Season!

Thanks to Julie, one of my favorite blogging buddies, for sending that email and checking up on me to make sure I am okay!!!! It was the nudge I needed to get back in an start updating you guys! Thanks so much for missing me Julie!!! If you have not checked out her blog, you should!!!! It is on of my favorites!

I promise the updating begins tomorrow...get ready for picture OVERLOAD~ha!


  1. LOL glad to see you are ok, hope nothing too sad and bad :( I can finally get on and blog more now that my son has his own computer!

    1. Thanks Julie! I will be checking it out daily now that I know you are back! YEA! My boyfriends brother passed away a few days into the new year. Very sad and I am just trying to be there for him as best I can. Not sure it is blog post "material". Thanks for checking on me for sure!


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