Christmas 2015 at Mom and Dad's

And so begins the after holiday updates! HA

I did not get around to posting over the holidays so now, for the next week, I will play catch up.  I so not feel like an official blogger if I do not record it for all times - hee!

I am blessed to have a very large and close family to spend the holidays with! We celebrated Christmas one week early this year so that all my siblings and their spouses and children could be there together. It was awesome!

The entire family made it together with the exception of my niece Jordan. She just graduated college and started working full-time as a nurse and we are all so proud of her! She was not able to get off work which was fine although she was VERY missed!!! Spent a lot of time with my favorite little people...

making lots of funny faces and laughing! I have eight nieces and nephews and 7 of them were able to be with us at Christmas! I am a very blessed Aunt and I treasure each and every one of them!

We conducted or annual house contest. This year they decided to go girls against boys...this is your girl team (minus Kyleigh)...

And this is your boy team (my nephew Matt graciously bowed out to watch football)...

Here is a group shot of the competition in full swing!

And...the finished products! We took a vote on Facebook and it was a tie...surprisingly it really was! LOL! Both teams did such an awesome job!

I got as many of these as I could wrangle in!!!! Nothing better than kisses!!!

Got this lovely present from my parents! I was the last person on the planet to have a big, box TV so they upgraded me - it's Smart I just have to learn how to use it! LOL!

Came home to find this mess - LOL! Cats run wild! They seem to love unwrapping the toilet tissue these days - LOL!

Christmas summary complete - I am surprised that I do not have more pictures of everyone but I wanted to enjoy the time and I think I completely forgot about pictures - LOL!

I am still catching up but it appears that all of you had wonderful Holidays as well!

Lets make 2016 amazing!


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