Friday, January 15, 2016

Ogelbay Festival of Lights

More Christmas updates! So late I am ... ! LOL

For the first time EVER I got to see the lights at Ogelbay Resort Park. I am from Pittsburgh and around the holidays ALL you hear are ads to go see the amazing lights. It is a resort park and you drive through in your car and look at all the lights sent up all over the grounds. In all my 47 years I had never been to see them.

After hinting to the BF for a few days; we piled into his van and drove to Ogelbay for the Festival of Lights!!! Yippee!! The recommended donation is $25 per car or $35 if you want the CD so we went big and got the CD! LOL

Apparently I am not talented enough at my iPhone to take pictures out of the window of a slowly moving vehicle and have them NOT be blurry! You may also notice, no snow on the ground at all! We went two days before Christmas and it was a snow-less Christmas here in Pittsburgh this year!  Here are the few clear pictures I got..


So cute!

As clear a Santa gets...HA! It really was a lot of fun although I did not get a lot of pictures. The whole tour took about 1 hour and we opted out of stopping at the gift shop but I am sure they had a lot of cute souvenirs to purchase! We will be going back next year FOR SURE!

Then we returned to the BF's house to make our first fire of the season! YEA! There was no snow but it sure was cold that night! Snuggling and fires is what Winter is ALL about for me!!! In case anyone is interested; we re-decorated the fireplace at his house and got this awesome fire screen and fireplace tool-set from Crate and Barrel. It looks perfect with all the wood in the house - I loved it online and it is even better in person! PS-It's on sale now!


I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!


  1. How very pretty---big smiles. Callaway Gardens down in Georgia has something similar.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks for coming by and commenting Linda! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Pretty! We have a "farm" that decorates here but I'm too cheap to go there lol

    1. It was definitely pricey but worth it. Something fun and different to done for the I was not buying - LOL!


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