Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pushing the Re-start Button

Hi everyone!

I have been inspired by a few of my blogging friends...

Although my life is amazing right now and I have found the man of my dreams that makes me feel entirely safe, happy and loved all at the same time...

My blog has become stagnant...


My workouts have become stagnant...

and I have gained about 15 pounds back :-(

Help friends!

I am starting FRESH!!!! Today!!!

I am up about 15 pounds from where I was a few months ago and I am 60 pounds away from my goal weight so here we go!!!

I will now be working out at least 5 times a week (including a half-marathon training schedule) and will be cutting out white flour and sugar all together!!!

I need to make this goal weight a reality~~

Fingers crossed - - Wish me luck!!!!!


  1. Good luck! I'm in the same boat, so I know how you feel! 2 years ago I lost almost 80 lbs, and I have gained 20 of it back over the past 6 months... I'm still working out regularly, but I've been sooo off track with food choices. It is my true weakness! I started "back on track" on Monday - emptied the cupboards of junk goods, promised to stop eating out so much (and if I do, make healthier choices), and avoid sugar at all costs. We can do this!! :)


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