Monday, July 20, 2015

My Beautiful Angel Angelica

Hi all...

I thought I was going to give you guys the big update on my NYC trip today (in two parts I might add) however, life has taken an unexpected turn that I feel I have to write about and grieve about right now so the trip post is postponed.

I had noticed for a few weeks now that my adorable 11 year old cat Angelica appeared to be losing weight. She was still eating and still running around and playing and her nose was cold so I assumed she was fine. Well, finally last week I decided to take her in just to be sure. I figured they would give me some kind of pill to fix her and and we would be off (couple hundred lighter in the wallet, if you know what I mean?). Well, they ran blood work and took an X-ray and realized that it was almost certainly liver cancer. You could have knocked me over with a feather! I would have never guessed!  She seemed fine! He said the damage was extensive and she would not get any better only worse.
The vet said I could give her liquid medicine and three pills a day and she could have her life extended by a few weeks or months and then when she got too uncomfortable we could put her to sleep. I pondered what to do and although many of you will disagree but I made the decision to let her go there and then. I was sobbing like a baby! I felt horrible thinking of torturing her everyday and her having to suffer through it when I could let her peacefully pass now and not have a single day of horrible memories of someone shoving pills down her throat to let hew live a few more weeks. 
It truly was the hardest thing I have ever done but I know she is at peace! After I knew I was putting her to sleep, I called my boyfriend and he flew down to the vets office and held me while I held her while she passed.
I am so grateful that I was unselfish enough to make that choice for her. That is her on the bottom of this picture. He twin brother is the top cat in the picture (I still have him :-)

This is her about a month ago...

Here they are again laying together (Kidrock on the left and Angelica on the right)
This is her at the vets office before I put her to skinny and frail looking...

This is her resting place - we dug her a grave at my boyfriends house under a beautiful tree and I am going to paint the rock with something beautiful for her...

A little closer...

Angelica will be SOOOO missed by me and Kidrock but I know she is happy and safe up in kitty heaven with Lucky and all my other pets that have passed. Kidrock was walking around in circles and I could not stop was horrible! I love you Angelica...with all my heart! Can not wait to see you again someday!

Gone but not forgotten...

Angelica 8-2004 to 7-2015

I would love to hear your opinions-please comment: Would you have done the pills? Anyone else hate sobbing in public? I know everyone that has ever owned a pet, knows my pain. Have you ever had to put a pet to sleep?


  1. Oh no :( You did the right thing. So sad though. I took my Buster in fully expecting him not to come home but they couldn't find anything wrong with him. He has lost a lot of weight and was over grooming himself. They ran tests and nothing was wrong that they could tell. They gave him some meds and he spent about a month hiding under the bed but now he seems better. Dang fur babies!

    1. So glad Buster is okay though. I knew something was wrong but honestly thought they could fix her :-(
      She is definitely in better place :-)

  2. Ann, I'm sorry to hear about your cat, Angelica. It's so troubling to lose a dear animal friend, just about as bad as losing a person. I wouldn't worry about what others think or feel about the situation, you made the best choice you could with the information you had for yourself and your lovely cat. Rest with that knowledge :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot!


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