Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Wrapup in 8 Shots

 What an amazing weekend! I just can't figure out how they go so darn quick though!!!! Someone posted the above and below pictures on my Facebook wall this weekend and I had to share them with you!!!! 
I am getting ready to hit the beach very soon for a very looooooong awaited vacation and thought the shark cages above were hilarious! Apparently this picture is for real too...Wowsa~~~~
The shirt below sums up my running lately! After I finished the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May I quit running for a while - I just felt like I needed a break.  Now I am training (along with my sister) to run the Hershey Half Marathon in October and every run is painful...I am hoping that turns around soon!!!

I am still grieving Angelica (my adorable 11 year old cat that I just had to put to sleep) but I could not have asked for a better pair of kittens. They are keeping Kidrock (he lost his sister that he has never spent a day without) busy which I think is helping him immensely and they are all getting along amazingly!!!!!  I am beyond happy and grateful for this!!! 
The kitten below is Nermal (remember the crazy kitten from Garfield?) He is the most vocal, drama king cat I have ever heard - HA

And this is me, the name fits!!! HA HA...he is so curious!!! And so cute too!!! They are both from the Humane Society. If you are looking to adopt...please please please go to your local Humane Society and don't buy a pure bred cat or dog. There are so many homeless and hopeless animals that need our was hard to pick two.... :-(

This is my picture of them all getting along...HA HA!!! They really do get along - it's just they don't stay in one place long enough to get a picture of them all together.

And I have to share these with you also!!!! AMAZING!!! I cannot say anything else except if you love Key Lime will completely die for these!!!! I SWEAR - try them and you will THANK ME (although really you should thank my sister in law, Sara, as she is the one that told me about them)!!!!

My boyfriend and I did a lot of work on his yard and his company's flower beds over the weekend...just trimming, weeding and planting and this awesome guy stopped by for a visit. It's a hummingbird moth. The picture does not do it was so pretty!!!

And lastly, this is the flower bed at my boyfriend's company that we spent hours weeding and tilling and is going to look amazing as soon as the plants take off! We have to add four more plants in the front section but this was A LOT of work. I realized after I should have taken a before would not believe how many weeds we had to clear out of here to get this done-crazy!!!

Hope you all had an amazing and fulfilling weekend! Happy Monday - is that even possible?!?! HA HA

What did you do this weekend? Any planting or are we the only ones that waited this long?!?!



  1. Okay, I don't get it. What are those people doing in that picture?
    Sorry about your cat. I can't imagine how hard it would be to lose her. Awwww.

    1. LOL!!! Apparently they used them like a personal shark cage. With all the attacks on swimmers at beaches they thought if they went in the water and dropped the cage around them, the sharks could not get them. HA
      The lifeguards stopped them at the water and would not let them take them in. People are too funny sometimes!

  2. Actually the picture with the cages was for a postcard that they made as a joke! (saw it on Facebook lol)

    The kittens are adorable! Yard work is such a work out lol. I just started up with my half training for an October half also!

    1. Julie that is so cool!! Starting next week will be posting my training will be interesting to see how our training fun!


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