Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Update

I thought I should give you all a little recap of my weekend!

I got to spend my Friday night with this girl that I love so much! She is such an amazing person and I am honored to call her my friend!! We went to Houlihan's and I got the most amazing salad ever!!! YUM!!!

I spent the whole day here on Saturday! I got the spend the day at work in our cafeteria which we transformed into an under the sea adventure! We host a Halloween Party at my work every year for Variety Charity and the theme was Under The Sea!! This is such an amazing cause!! Check it out!!! This is a picture of the photo room below...

And this is the front doors that I personally decorated...this took A LOT of time!! HA

And these are the girls I was privileged to work with at the craft tables...I am the pink jellyfish!

This is my friend from work Kathy (the blue jellyfish) getting attacked by the shark (Stephan) who was also working the craft tables with us. LOL

This came on Saturday also!! My new yoga mat!! Soooooooo smushy!! Can not wait to try it out tonight!!! I got it on Amazon for under 20 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, I will leave you with a picture of my babies...sooooo stinkin cute!!!

PS - I had a little "encounter" on my way into work and it has totally shaken up my morning! I feel completely horrible and terribly off kilter now!  I am acknowledging it so that it is documented and NOT repeated!! That is all I have to say on it! LESSON LEARNED!!! I PROMISE!!

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