Friday, October 24, 2014

Five On Friday!

Today I am linking up four of my favorite bloggers for Five on Friday!

I was thinking when I was getting ready for work this morning how much I love my favorite makeup.  Every now and then I switch it up but normally, for day to day looks, I use the same things everyday in the same way and I love them all! I do not know what I would do if they discontinue my colors, etc.  HA

So, I thought what a perfect Five on Friday post! Well, here they are! My favorite GO TO's for my everyday look!

For your enjoyment (Ha Ha) I have added a selfie that I posted to Facebook this morning! This is after the makeup routine was done and I tried on a sweater that I have not been able to wear yet. I got it at the Loft a year or more ago and it has never fit. I recently lost over 40 pounds! I started the weight loss with the 24 day Advocare Challenge and have since then just continued on with healthy eating and working out and NOW IT FITS!!! I am losing about 5 pounds a week steadily!!! Yippeee!!

First I will show the finished product. I like minimal makeup - maybe too little? Anyway this is the normal day to day look when complete.

First product I love is Noxzema Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum, I swear this tightens my facial skin...I need all the tightening I can get at my age!!!

Next is primer. I just started using a primer in the past year or so and it makes a total difference for me. My skin holds on to the makeup all day without looking cakey, drippy or shiny at then end of a long day! I have tried a few and my favorite is bareMinerals PrimeTime...

After that bareMinerals Matte Foundation Powder...this is awesome...completley evens out my skin and makes it picture perfect!!!

Then my other have to have is my Clinique Chocolate Cherry eyeshowed duo. This is my go to everyday and I love how it looks together! All the bridesmaids used this for my sisters wedding day so a bug thank you to her for finding this for me! It rocks!!!

And my fifth and final must have is this new lipstick! I love it! It came in my Ipsy box and I have worn it everyday since! It is by Noyah and its called Deeply in Mauve.

I can not wait to see everyone else's Five on Friday!

Happy weekend yinz!

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